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Hello Dolly

By Steve Quinlan
Electric-powered trailer-dollies let you maneuver big trailers in tight spaces. Yet, which brand works best?

Inches count, especially when it comes to parking a boat trailer in tight quarters. My truck, for example, narrowly misses a van (one that's always parked across the street when I bring the boat home) as the front wheels swing to maneuver the trailer into our driveway. What's more, the driveway is so narrow that I occasionally scrape the fence between our house and the neighbor's while backing in or pulling out.

All of this has led me to wonder what I would do if my boat — or truck — were any bigger. Pay storage fees? A better solution would be an electric trailer-dolly. These powerful machines work off household current, and hook up to the trailer tongue, allowing you to maneuver trailered loads up to 6 tons easily and with great precision. Plus, you don't have to worry about the front of a tow vehicle swinging out and hitting something.

There are two major manufacturers of trailer-dollies — Power Caster (800/773-3833; powercaster.com) and Powermovers (888/366-3511; powermoverinc.net). Interestingly, none of the Trailer Boats editors had ever used these machines before — but all were interested in trying them. And so we challenged Power Caster and Powermovers to duke it out for trailer-dolly supremacy. They were both happy to accept.


Our test platform, a Pursuit Denali 2460 on an EZ Loader tandem-axle trailer with electric brakes, set the standard. The rig weighs 8120 pounds, with a tongue weight of 980 pounds.

Rather than dictate the models, we asked each manufacturer which dolly it would recommend to a customer with this boat. Power Caster brought its Model PC-3, which has a maximum tongue-weight capacity of 1800 pounds. Powermovers rolled in its Model AC6, with tongue-weight capacity of 1320 pounds. Both models come wired for activating electric-trailer brakes.

The PC-3 and the AC6 are the largest, most powerful units manufactured by the respective companies, and they use identical 1/2 hp Dayton AC motors with 800 in.-lbs. of torque at 30 rpm (120 volts, 8.3 amps). Gearing between motor and wheel is identical — 5:1 reduction at the wheel. Both use four-ply tires. But that's where the similarities end.

Powermovers' AC6 has 1/4-inch steel sideplates that are laser cut and welded together, and the motor rests on a 1/4-inch steel mount. Power Caster's PC-3 uses one-piece, 3/8-inch sideplates and a 1/4-inch steel motor mount. The PC-3's sideplates are stronger, and perhaps overkill — but we like that — and they look nicer, in our opinion.

The wheel assembly is bolted together on the AC6, while thinner metal is welded to metal of a different thickness on the PC-3 wheel assembly. Such a process can result in the thinner metal warping, so we prefer bolts. The AC6's 13/4-inch O.D. handle is welded to the frame on one side only, whereas the PC-3's 15/16-inch O.D. handle is gussetted to the frame. The AC6 uses diamond stud tires, compared to a more street-like tread design on the PC-3.


While we initially thought you could hook the dollies up to the trailer coupler, both companies told us that this is not advisable. The post-like hitches do not even allow for it.

Because of the gimbal-nature of a hitch ball, a coupler connection is not rigid enough to create the lateral stability needed for the relatively small footprints of the dollies. If the tongue weight shifts to one side or the other, the dolly can tip if connected via a conventional hitch ball.

Rather, Powermovers' AC6 connects to the trailer with a bolt-on adapter. No drilling is required. The company offers several versions of the steel tube — including a swing-arm model — to accommodate virtually any trailer design. It bolts to the trailer tongue near the coupler, and it can be removed and used on another boat in just a few minutes.

Attaching any of Power Caster's PC-3's standard socket couplers requires drilling three 3/8-inch holes horizontally through the trailer tongue. There's no alternative. If you intend to use this unit to move more than one trailer around, you'll have to order multiple couplers — and drill holes in all of the trailers. Power Caster contends that is the most secure and stable means of attaching the adapter. The company offers different versions, but all require drilling.

To join the dolly to a trailer, block the trailer tires, then raise the front of the trailer using the tongue jack. Roll the dolly into position so that its “hitch” is directly beneath the adapter, then crank the trailer down slowly, making sure the adapter meets squarely with the hitch. You might need to jockey the dolly during the lowering process until the adapter is seated. A center-lift trailer will require mounting a different type of adapter to the side of the tongue. Both companies offer special adapters for this purpose.


Traction is everything when it comes to trailer-dollies. And we found that both units offer excellent traction on flat, dry asphalt or concrete, but even with three wheels in the case of the AC6, and two with the PC-3, these units will fail in gravel, soft dirt and grass, according to the manufacturers. Both units handle grades of better than 10 percent on dry or wet pavement with ease.

It's our opinion that more rubber on the road makes for better traction, and that the AC6 will provide better grip. Of course there's a drawback: The AC6 is more difficult to turn when at rest, and still slightly more difficult to turn when underway.

A word of caution when using the dollies on grades. Powermovers warns that the motor must be engaged when maneuvering down inclines of as little as 7 or 8 percent; otherwise, the shear pin between motor and gearbox will break. This is because the wheels cannot turn unless the motor is activated.

Power Caster disputes this claim and states that its unit will simply be pulled along under such conditions, yet both of the companies use identical motors and shear pins.

We prefer the AC6's switch box, which is made of PVC. The PC-3 uses a common steel electric box. The PVC box looks better and we think it's probably the safer of the two when maneuvering a trailer in wet conditions, where the AC power cord could be dragged through water. We recommend that you wear rubber-soled shoes/boots when operating any electric dolly.

On both units, power is either “on” or “off” — there is no way to gradually increase or decrease power. The AC6's toggle switch stays on when you flip it on, while the PC-3's is “momentary” — meaning you have to keep it depressed to keep the power on.

This was intended as a safety feature, but we found that having to keep our thumb on the switch was annoying, especially when covering long distances.

The AC6 comes standard with a 100-foot power cord built into the unit, but power cords are an upgrade on the PC-3, costing $15 for a 100-foot cord and $10 for a 50-foot cord. On the other hand, a chain guard can be ordered as an option on the AC6, but it's standard on the PC-3. In observing these heavyweights in action, we noticed that the chain moves very slowly and probably doesn't pose much of a threat to life or limb, but the chain guard is a nice touch — and it makes the unit look clean.


OK, so these aren't exactly dragsters. But we couldn't help ourselves — we staged a race to see how fast each could pull our 24-foot Pursuit Denali project boat in a straight line over 25 feet of flat asphalt.

Man, are they slow. Yet, they're equally slow. They both covered the distance in 75 seconds. Not exactly a blistering pace, but putting a big boat away slowly and without damage is better than doing it hastily while scraping the fence.

Both electric trailer-dollies worked well in our testing, easily moving our 4-ton boat in and out of tight places. Both can pivot the front of a tandem-axle trailer 75 degrees without any jockeying. And it required virtually no practice to use the dollies with precision.

We give Power Caster's PC-3 higher marks in terms of construction. Its frame is a little beefier, but we believe Powermovers' AC6 will provide better traction when turning on grades due to it's third tire, which puts more rubber on the road while giving it a wider footprint. We also give the AC6 the edge in terms of optional features; we like the hand-activated brake and spring-activated chocks. The AC6 was easier to use, and we preferred its bolt-on coupler. The PC-3 is a more permanent installation.

So what do these machines cost? Prices are comparable. The AC6 lists for $989 and the PC-3 sell for $1050. Established in 1996, Powermovers is the relative newcomer. Power Caster has been in business since 1967. It set the benchmark for electric trailer dollies.

Ultimately, we liked both machines. Each has distinct strong points, and either
will help you maneuver your trailer in extremely tight areas, and could save you from scraping a fence post or your neighbor's van.


The brake system on Powermover's AC6 is more user-friendly. It comes with a receptacle to accept a round, seven-pin trailer plug. From this point, all you do is connect directly to the positive and negative posts of the trailer's battery or any 12-volt battery source. Enabling the PC-3 brake system is a bit more complicated, as well as permanent. It requires tapping into the wires that feed into the trailer's emergency braking system.

In terms of brake operation, we found the AC6 brake system superior. It instantly activates the brakes with the flip of a switch — whether the unit is in motion or at a standstill. On the other hand, when the brake switch is flipped on the PC-3, the brake does not engage until the wheels make almost a full revolution, and they do not engage at all when the unit is at rest.

According to an engineer at EZ Loader (800/398-5623; ezloader.com), leaving the brake in the “on” position for more than 30 or 40 minutes on either dolly will drain the trailer's emergency battery rather quickly, whether the unit is plugged into 110-volt power or not. This scenario is more likely to occur on the PC-3, since the battery wiring is permanent.

Keep in mind that electric brakes are not common on boat trailers; surge brakes are the norm — and there is no good way to activate these using a trailer-dolly. However, Powermovers offers a hand-activated disc-brake system, which stops the dolly. Power Caster does not offer any options for brakes on the dolly. Still, if a heavy trailer begins rolling down a steep grade, it's going to drag the dolly along for the ride, brake or no brake. Powermovers also offers a spring-activated foot chock for trailers with surge brakes or no brakes at all. We recommend that you have chocks handy anytime you use an electric dolly on even the slightest grade.

Article Preview

Powermovers' newest trailer Dolly can move 30 tons with ease. (Gotta Have It)

As you may recall from our April 2003 issue, we pitted Powermovers ' AC6 against Power Caster's PC-3 in a battle of the heavy-duty   electric  trailer dollies ("Hello Dolly"), and the result was pretty much   a dead heat. Both units used the same motor and were geared0   identically . And as we pointed out, both were slow, moving our   8120  -pound project boat at a sloth-like pace of 20 feet per minute.

Well, Powermovers must have taken note. That's because the     company has turned to Stature Electric of Watertown, New York, for   a faster, more powerful motor, and the result is the new DC8. ...

E-mails from customers


Thank you for rushing the AC10 order. One day turnaround is more than we could ever ask for. When we got our new boat (21’ North River with Offshore bracket) we had a very hard time getting it into our yard. It was very stressful and put a damper on new boat ownership. We had installed a winch but that did not work well.

You took the time to discuss our situation and suggested the AC10 with a coupler. This system worked GREAT!! It took about 5 minuets to put the boat in the yard with very little effort. That was a surprise because of the incline. When we take the boat out I can do it with one hand.

Thank you for all of the help!!

The Wolfe Family

Hi Brady,
Remember me, Sean Brennan from Limerick, Ireland. Last Christmas our son David in Philadelphia brought me the Dollie. I bought the necessary transformer to convert our power to 110 volts. The Dollie has worked just great taking my 16ft.boat,trailer and 60Hp outboard up a narrow passagewy of apporx. 60 yards and parking it effortlessly in our back yard. Previously this task was very difficult due to the narrowness of the passageway. It required a car and at least three strong men as at the top of the passageway the trailer had to be uncoupled and manhandled into position. Now it is a one-person job and the only effort required is hooking up the dollie. It does all the work.
Just thought you would like to know,
Sean Brennan. 

Hi Brady,

 Just wanted to let you know that we got our RV into our very tight storage space on the side of our house yesterday using the AC8 I purchased from you.  That thing works like a charm.  There is absolutely no way we could get our RV in that spot without the AC8.  I’ll have to send you a picture of the tight squeeze.  Maybe 6” on either side of the RV.

 Thanks again,



Robert J. DePrat, PE

Hello Brady,
The AC6 that I bought from you works great but I need a new coupler.

Mike Whitlock
"the plumber in Portland OR"


This is a follow up message to my phone call earlier this afternoon.  We received our Power Mover yesterday and it is working great.  


Mark Handley

Hi Brady,
              Sorry I have not contacted you sooner. I received the trailer mover a couple of months ago. It was raining off and on for the first month or so and I never really had a chance to give the mover a try.
I finally got the chance last weekend to move the trailer and it works remarkably well. I wanted to send you an email to thank you for working with me and solving my trailer parking issue.
Thanks again,
Neal Cook
Medicine Hat, Alberta


I received the powermover yesterday. Assembled it, moved my boat, everything worked great!

Thank you,

Sam Adukiewicz


I tested the PowerMover today and everything went as we discussed.

No problems what so ever. The AC-5 even moved the boat and trailer over the 1 1/2" lip at the garage door without any ramps, although I plan on purchasing two 3/4" H wood strips to break the 1/ 1/2" up to 3/4" and 3/4". I also disconnected and removed the brake switch and harness as I have no need for it at this time. I taped the wires and marked them clearly in the event that I should want to reinstall the brake switch assembly as some later date. _If there is anything else I need to know at this time please advise._ Otherwise, thanks and I'll be in touch should I have a problem or any further questions.

Jim Eulo


The power mover arrived today.  I am able to easily move the boat in and out of a very tight space.  It also pushes over the garage floor edge with no problem.
Thank you,
George McPhail

We bought a used dolly that is amazing when getting the trailer into our side yard. Unfortunately the previous owner did not have the manual or really did not seem to know how to work the dolly. When we removed the trailer from the side yard we realized that we did not figure out how to stop the thing when going down the driveway. Luckily no disaster. If I locate the model number is there a way I could order a manual. Thanks

I have a 31 foot travel trailer and park it beside my home on a concrete pad.  The driveway curves and it was very difficult to maneuver the trailer around the curve and not run the truck off of the driveway into the lawn.  I would have to unhook the trailer and reposition the truck to get a better angle to get the trailer thru the drive thru gate.  This took about 3 of us to watch the trailer as we backed it up. 

I talked with you about the AC 8 and you recommended the AC 6.  I opted for the AC8 as it was only about $90 more, and 4 tires instead of 3.  I appreciate your honesty and not trying to sell me more than I needed.

The AC 8 arrived in three packages and I assembled it in about 15 minutes. 
We moved the trailer out and it was unbelievable how much this helped.  It only took about 5 minutes to move the trailer.

Thanks for a well manufactured product.
I will recommend this to all my friends who have travel trailers.

Rod Cochran
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.


Hi, this is Jeff Eischen in North Carolina. You built and shipped me an AC6 last November right after my boat went into storage. Today we used it for the first time and it worked flawlessly. Nice and slow, I maneuvered the boat into the garage within an inch of where I needed to be. This is going to make come home from the lake and getting the stowed so much easier. Thanks again.


Jeffrey W. Eischen
Associate Professor
ASME Student Section Faculty Adviser

Hi Brady,
I received the AC6 - set it up and went to work moving my trailer. The dolly operates perfectly. Thanks for your advice on the purchase and your fast delivery.
Ken Browne
Hillsboro, Oregon

Hi Brady,

Tried the new one out this weekend and it worked great.

I sent the old coupler back in the mail, you should have it in a day or two.

Thanks again for your help,


I have used my AC8 several times and it is simple outstanding.  My compliments to your finely engineered product.
One question:  What is the correct air pressure for the tires ?
Regards from one satisfied customer,
Dave Bond

I received the AC10, assembled it and was operational in about 5 minutes.  The machine works great!  While practicing with my empty trailer, several of my neighbors stopped and gazed in amazement while others rotated their heads like a character in the Exorcist.  I don't think many (read ANY) of them have ever seen this type of technology before!
I also received the ball coupler yesterday and believe that it will come in very handy for moving my post hole digger, utility trailer, and probably a few other things around here that I hadn't thought about!  Thank you for sending that out.

The dolley worked good. I was able to get my toyhauler in the side yard without a problem. The grass was even alittle moist and it had enough traction.


Hi Brady,

All parts were received in the one delivery and went together easily.

The boat came out from under the house like magic and is now in the water. Many thanks for the Dolly and the efficient and expeditious way it was custom made and shipped, it has taken all of the complication out of hauling the boat and putting it under the house and getting it back out to launch.

Thank you once again for excellent service and a first class product.

Captain James M. Hockey

Hello Brady,
Just a short note to say thank you, the dolly worked wonderfully an the traction was great. I posted this comments on my RV users group

" Hello Everyone,
Well. the deed is done I attached the bracket to the TT and hookup the battery and brakes an 10 minutes later the travel trailer was parked. Take a look http://good-times.webshots.com/album/561110851PMcEJq?vhost=good-times.
It was very easy to move the dolly goes so slow that I almost had time to look on each side while the thing was moving. I strongly recommend the AC6 from http://www.powermoverinc.net/htmls/pmaccarts.html
Please let me know if you have any questions.
If you need any reference or anyone from my side of the USA for a demo feel free to contact me. I am very happy.

Hello Brady,
Just got home from overseas for vacation and had an opportunity to try the AC10 that I purchased from you in January.  The unit worked just fine moving our 32 foot travel trailer on hard packed earth and assembly was quite easy.  What I now need is an additional bolt on coupler for my additional 7500 pound cargo trailer which has a 2 inch 6 inch V support beam.  I tried it empty with just the ball socket but you end up having to support the rocking movement and it would be much easier with a fixed coupler.  Please advise the costs for an additional coupler with shipping to 2804 W. Paxton Ave., Tampa, FL 33611.

Donald A. Davis
Airport Operations Manager
U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA)
PO Box 352


Brady, Thanks for spending the time to explain the powermover. I have inches on each side of my gate and with my new Powermover I just put it in its place with ease. Also you stand behind your machine that’s what I like the most. Thanks again for your time.


James Kemerling

4268 Via Entrada

Newbury Park, Ca



Received my FW3 today.  You can tell that you took special care in the design and manufacturing
for everything to go together so well.
It works GREAT !
Thank You Very Much for all your help.
Gary A. Armstrong


The dolly worked like a champ!  I had to do some minor cutting to the roof line, but I knew that would have to happen anyways.  The trailer is happily stored along the side of my house, thank you so much for your help.  I'll recommend you and your product to anyone in the same situation.  Have a great rest of the week and try to stay cool.   Thanks again. 

Tim Collier

hanks for your great service and product.  I couldn't be happier.  Thanks for your attention to detail. 

Tim Ferrier


        Just a note to let you know that my mover arrived in good shape. I have assembled it and test driven with my boat trailer. Every thing is working well and I believe it will do what I need to do.

        Thanks for your information and help

Joe Henderson

Hello Brady!  The dolly worked perfect.  I was able to put my trailer in its spot with no problems and with little effort. Thanks for a great product.  Curtis


I bought an AC6 yesterday for my 19' Toy Hauler. When I got home I hooked up the AC6 and backed in the Toy Hauler with no problem. It even worked on the loose gravel. Thank you !!!
Now I can worry free guide my Toy Hauler in through the gate from our tight alley.

Note on the above email:  Often, dollies don't work on gravel.  Brady

Brady, got the unit today and love it.  Works like a charm.  Thanks.  Dave Kretz

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know the dolly arrived yesterday. No problem with assembly and it tested ok. I just moved the trailer a few feet out and then back in the garage but there was no mistaking the power. Thank you sir for this great product.

Jim Vaughan




Hi Brady,


I thought I’d drop you a line regarding the AC6 Powermover that I purchased back in early February.  This last weekend was the 12th time that I have used the dolly to pull/push my trailer from the driveway into the alley and it has worked very well.  The learning curve on maneuvering the trailer with the Powermover is relativity short and the pucker factor (is it gonna work?) has gone. The most stressful, (not really) thing would be paying attention to the power cord to ensure that I don’t run over it.  I now extend the cord all 100’ in the direction I’m headed and pretty well can make it most of the way with out having to stop to relocate it.

I have done a few things to the Powermover to enhance it.  I cut the zip ties that holds the power cord from the motor to the control box and relocated the cord from the top of the dolly hand rail to the side and then zip tied back on.  Because of the incline of the driveway when I used the brakes on the trailer and if the hand rail lined up with the tongue jack the cord would get close to getting pinched.  I also purchased a          2” PVC cap to place over the adapter on the trailer.  I drive down lots of dirt roads out in the desert and that tube with the grease would be gunked up in no time.  The last thing was I had my wife make a small cloth bag with Velcro straps to place the trailer power cord with the wires that go to the RV battery in a nice neat bundle.


        Once again, Thank you very much,


        Loel Haviland        

We received the electric dolly on 3 Dec 2007 from Approved Forwarders of Guam.  Works good, thanks for all your help.  We also received a 4 bolt mounting plate, 4 extra spacers, and 8 extra bolts (not including 4 bolts for mounting plate).  Is the four bolt mounting plate attachment intended for use with a locally procurable (Napa) pentle hook attachment?  If so we just hook up the pentle hook attachment –and the 4 bolts are for added (stop and go) stability.  Without the 4 bolts I imagine the pentle will jackknife when stopping.

What are the Extra 8 bolts for?


Geoff Ives



We purchased one of your AC Trailer Dollies this past summer and just used it yesterday (December 18). We were waiting to complete the carport for our Airstream. Tight spaces allowed us to build it only 18 inches wider than the trailer on hard-pack gravel in a stand of Douglas Fir trees.

We used the dolly to move the trailer about 70 feet across wet gravel, turn it 180 degrees and back it into the carport dodging trees and a large uprooted root ball that my wife refused to let me haul away.

Your dolly was up to the task and more. I could maneuver the Airstream without stress or strain into places I would never attempt to try using our tow vehicle. It slipped into the carport, barely 9 inches clearance on a side on the first attempt. The electric brakes worked as you promised (and were needed because the carport is on a slight downward slope).

Thanks for a great product that does exactly what you say it will. How refreshing.

Best regards,

Art and Stephanie Spinella

Just a note to let you know the AC8 worked perfect.  I moved my Toy Hauler around the street today.  I also used it to line up the Toy Hauler to my truck to hook it back up instead of trying to back up my truck to the Toy Hauler.  Real sweet.  I'll use the AC8 to put it in the storage spot later this week.  The handle is the perfect length.
Thanks for all your help and guidance. 

 Hello Brady.
I just wanted to let you know that the AC8 I purchased yesterday is fantastic.
I bolted on the coupler, jacked the trailer up about 3 inches from its usual height, inserted the dollie and lowered the trailer. It pushed the trailer effortlessly and it was so easy and fun I ended up moving it around the driveway a few times just to extend my fun. It moves slow and steady and I look forward to many years of using it.

On a seperate note: we talked about computers. The average desktop computer uses less electricty than a single 100W lightbulb when running. The sudden jolt of electricty when turning ON a computer is very damaging to the electronics. specifically MOVING pieces such as the hard drive etc. If you think back you will realize that VERY RARELY do hard drives go bad while you are using them and the computer is on. usually when you reboot or restart the computer is when the problems happen. Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have any computer issues you need help with.
Also thanks for letting me come down to the San Clemente facility to pickup my dollie.

(Michael Breitenstein)


Hi Brady,

Just a note to let you know that my AC5 is doing the job.  I was very anxious about whether it would or not; so what a relief to experience it do its thing.
There was a little traction glitch with backiing the trailer tires up and over the 3/8 inch concrete lip at the entrance to the garage, but easily solved with two pieces of 3/8" plywood which also serve as a great guide for the tires -- they insure I am backing the trailer in with the correct clearance (only about 4 inches) on each side.  See attached diagram.


Bob Blanchard
The Helix Group, Inc.
Hi Brady,
I.  If you ever want to use me as a referral, I will be more than happy to show the Casita and Power Mover set-up for interested customers. 
Thanks for everything.
Ray Torge

We received the first box of our power mover yesterday.  Today two more arrived.  Put it together, plugged it in.  Turned the trailer around.  Excellent product.  You need to get the word out. 

Bev Sigl Felten

The AC5 received recently worked as advertised.  It put my 3k lb. trailer right back on the postage stamp where I wanted it.  It had NO loss of traction on the grass (the grass was even quite wet from a recent rain) and I did not need to put down any plywood.  It didn't even mess up my grass.
The whole move was so uneventful, it was almost an anticlimax.  I wanted to move it around the property some more, but alas, nowhere to go, really.  I look forward to getting it out for the next trip.
Noel Rendleman
Berkley, MI


I needed to move a Triton 21x (tandem surge brake trailer) around a
tight turn and in & out of the garage (concrete, with very slight
grade).  Total cost was $1,114.00 including UPS Ground shipping to
Oklahoma.  UPS tried to destroy the Power mover, but it was pretty much
bullet proof.

Everything worked as advertised.  I was able to get that very heavy boat
in a very tight 90 degree spot.  It's a primitive concept, and you'll
wish you'd built it yourself, but just the motor alone was over $450.00
per an internet site I checked.

I mounted their bracket aft of the winch tower on the center channel.
The extended handle allows almost 90 degree movements.  The trailer
wheels were skidding and there was power to spare.

I tried the bracket up front near the ball coupler, but that was too
much tongue weight on the unit.  Moving the mount aft greatly enhanced
the performance.

The speed is perfect for tight maneuvering.  That Dayton 1/2 HP gear
motor is great.  Once I got comfortable with the power mover, with the
help of a mechanically inclined neighbor, I was able to stop the unit,
walk around to check clearances, and lower the trailer's jack etc. by
myself.  There's enough drag on the stopped motor to prevent most

Plan on spending a couple of hours assembling and playing with the unit.
It's not difficult, but don't plan on unpacking it and putting it to
work in 30 minutes.  It takes some getting used to and could be very
dangerous, if you were in a hurry.

The folks were very easy to deal with and even threw in a bracket for my
camper - complete with connections to activate its electric brakes.  I
would choose this brand again, if for no other reason, just because I
trust the guy on the other end of the phone - and the product works!

Ken Alsip


Hi there. I’ve got an enclosed trailer on order that I’m going to be picking up soon, within a week.

I’m going to be borrowing a Powercaster PC3 from a friend just to get it parked the 1st time, and I was planning to buy one until I stumbled on your website.


The trailer is a 8-1/2” wide 24” high Universal trailer that is going to weigh under 10,000 lb loaded, most likely around 7,000.

I need to cross about 25’ of lawn at approx 1% grade, pulling uphill, before I reach concrete.


What model would you recommend?

Will plywood work for traction to cross the lawn?

From: bradyhall [mailto:brady.hall@cox.net]
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 7:14 PM
To: John
Subject: RE: DOLLIES


It’s best to try the PC3 to get an idea as to what you’ll need.  Just be careful not to bend your crank lift jack.  It can happen.  Stability, ease of use, traction, and braking capabilities may become a concern.  After you have an idea how the PC3 performs, call me.




Brady 888 366 3511

From: John
To: brady.hall@cox.net
Subject: DOLLIES


I used the PC3 and did not like it. Not very stable & didn’t want to pull the trailer up the beginning of the driveway, so I had to pull it up a few feet with my truck.

It did bend the jack, fortunately it was not the main jack, it was one we bolted on just to use the PC3.

 Do these things work better pushing as opposed to pulling? Will any of them push or pull the trailer up over a curb? If not, I could do that part with the truck.

Just a note to let you know I received my AC5 this past week and assembled and tested it out this weekend.  I was able to successfully manuver my camper wiith no problem and get it back on the pad next to the garage.  The camper has sat in the driveway in front of the garage since we purchased it this spring.  All of our attempts this past summer to push it back and turn it failed because of the shart turns we needed to make and the weight of the camper.  With the AC5 my wife and I were able to easily get it moved back with very little effort. Thanks again for a wonderful product.  The Power Mover will pay for itself in saved storage fees. Don Hedges

received the boat dolly from you and this last week end I got a chance to
put it to the test.It works perfectly and suits my needs to a tee Thanks!!!

August 26,2005

Brady  Just a note to tell you that I received my AC8 Power Mover at the RV park in Post Falls Idaho right on schedule and in good condition. Since arriving home I used it to move my Montana 32.5 foot trailer into the yard. It worked perfectly, your choice of the AC8 was absolutely correct. Trailer weight is 10,000 lbs with a hitch weight of 1100 lbs. Thanks again for the good service and the great little machine. I have made two small modifications by adding a small red light  that glows when brake switch is on  and also hooked up the clearance lights on a switch in case I move the unit at or near darkness.

Thanks  George Young   young439@msn.com


I want to let you know that we successfully welded the coupler to our
trailer and the AC2 performed perfectly.


Greg Brice

Brice + Associates CPA, PC
2430 S. University Blvd., STE 102
Denver, CO  80210

Everything is fine, works great and doing what I
needed it to do. Skip

Thanks much for your help today.  The dolly works great.  Wierd at first when I tried to cut the wheels too sharp and saw the wheels on the trailer getting moved in ways they probably should not go, but I will get used to avoiding that. I appreciate this a lot - thank you. Ted

 bought an AC6 from you a couple of weeks ago from the Stanton location. I used the unit this weekend and it worked great but I realize that I need a brake on the unit as the boat trailer that I am moving only has surge brakes. Is this something that I can add on myself or does it need to come back and be done? I consider myself very mechanically inclined so if it does not require welding I believe I can do it.

Thanks in advance.

Richard Jett


I just wanted to say thanks for all the support and talking me into the AC6.  You were right on, the trailer needed to have the extra traction going up the driveway.  The unit worked flawless, and pushed my 3500lb
trailer up an 8% incline without any hesatation whatsoever.  I have a 1 1/2  inch bump on the lip of my garage (plus the 8% incline)  and that's where the extra traction was really necessary.  I had to lay down some plywood to get over these bumps but the AC-6 did a fabulous job. 

Control was not a problem AT ALL.  The brakes worked perfectly (nice to have on an 8% incline) and manuverability was easier than I expected.  Anyone worried about manuverability due to three wheels hasn't tried one.  (like me  :-)  I have 1.5 inches of clearance by the garage door on each side of the trailer.  I was thinking I would have to sell my camper to get a smaller one to fit in my new garage, but your trailer dolly will enable me to keep my camper.  That alone payed for the dolly, not to mention the savings on storage.

The piece cut to mount on my trailer was a perfect fit.  Thanks for taking the time to chat with me on my specific requirements and the specifics of my trailer.  It looked like you made a custom cut to ensure
that the adaptor plate would fit my trailer frame.... and it did.

Thanks again for a great product!


Just to let you know that I received the Dolly and have used it several times. It works just as I hoped it would.  The carton did not weather the shipping very well. The end was torn out and the brackets that hold the cord were bent. This does not effect the operation of the unit.  Ben Lefever

I just wanted to report to you my success with “The Grabber” that I purchased from you last month.  I was faced with moving a 3,200 lb. boat, motor and four (4) wheel trailer across my front yard and into my fenced side yard for hurricane protection.  The lawn in the front and side yards is thick turf Saint Augustine grass with a slight up-hill grade.  My objective was further complicated by the beam of the boat being 7'-7” at its widest point, and the opening between my house and the corner fence post of my pie shaped lot being 7'-9” wide (once inside I have lots of room due to the configuration of the house and property line.

My mother has been in the hospital so I wasn't able to assemble the AC7 and try it out until July 5, 2004, and I must admit I was a little apprehensive, but after assembling it and setting the trailer up per your verbal instructions, the machine performed flawlessly.  Just to put the machine to the test I moved the boat/trailer down the driveway, over the swale and into the street, and then back up over the swale (hill) onto the lawn.  Then I backed the trailer straight across my front yard, turned 90 degrees and slipped it through that tiny hole between the house and fence.  All this was over thick dry Saint Augustine turf and the only time the AC7 broke traction was when I rubbed the boat against the fence, and then it just squatted down, dug in and kept on plowing.  In addition, it was easy to use, as it does all the work, and all I had to do was steer it.

This is truly a great machine and I couldn't be more pleased with it.  Without the AC7 there is no way I could manipulate the boat and trailer across the yard and into this space with my truck, without damaging the lawn, neighbors lawn, boat, house, fence or truck.  

Thank you very much for such a great product.

Broward Board of County Commissioners

Public Works Department

Office of General Services

A. J. Smith, CPE, REM, Director

Dear Brady,

Your product works as advertised, actually better than advertised and it's going to make my life a lot easier. Thank you. Craig Shaver Rockford, Illinois

Hi Brady...

Have had my Model AC-2 Powermove for 3 seasons and couldn't be happier with it...it easily moves my 3500 lb trailer up the 15% grade of my driveway and lets me precisely position it in my garage. Have had zero problems but of late have noticed the tires are a bit soft when I hook it to the trailer (trailer has roughly a 500 lb tongue weight). Given that tongue weight, what would you recommend as the tire pressure for the AC-2's tires? Thanks in advance for your recommendation Ray Spaeth Don't know if you'll remember, but you sent me a AC8 with an attachment for me to use my Hensley hitch bar on the dolley. Frankly, I couldn't imagine how it would work since the Hensley head unit is "floppy" but you said it would so I gave it a try. First, it showed up right on time - maybe even a day or two before I expected delivery. Assembly was easy. I then put it to work to push my 27 ft. 9,000 lb. trailer out of the barn. The Hensley drawbar fit in the adapter, and then went into the Hensley head just like normal. I attached the clips, and away we went. Everything worked perfect on the solid surface, then just as well on the packed dry dirt. Damp dirt was a little less traction, but not a surprise. I was impressed after just this one use; but I have now used the dolley to pull the trailer back into the barn. It worked even more impressively. So, write me down as a happy customer. A couple of suggestions. The cord for the trailer plug connector is too short when using the Hensley hitch. I had to replace the cord with one that was closer to 3 foot long, to be able to reach the plug on the trailer. I don't think you need the battery connectors to be able to operate the brake. The standard 7 blade travel trailer plug has a blade which is attached to the positive 12 volt trailer battery terminal (black). Trailer brakes come on when 12 volt power is applied to the trailer brake wire (blue). I rearranged your brake wiring so the 12 power coming from the trailer battery goes to a 20 amp auto reset breaker, then to the switch, then to the blue wire. When you turn on the switch, the 12 volt power goes through the connection and breaker, then on to the brakes. This is the same concept as the emergency breakaway trailer brake mechanism. Of course, this would not work in the batteries in the trailer are not charged, etc. However, it works more conviently for me. Thanks again. My name is Kevin and I'm the founder of a club in Michigan. I get a lot of people at campgrounds asking me about all different products. I love to help campers find good products and I have hear many good things about the Powermover. My question is if you have people or clubs do product testing. If so Michigan RV would love to try any of your products. We will do a report on it and post it to our web site and tell all campers. If you do product testing please let me know. Thanks Kevin Pollack 30256 Pembroke Warren MI 48092

I just wanted to let you know that I received my powermover and
assembled in in minutes.  It is of very good quality and can move my
trailer with no effort at all.  This is a great piece of equipment.
--Scott Gallagher

Re; Traction and what Powercaster says.

From: Bob Campbell on 10/7/2005
I have a 17 ft Cuddy Cabin, about 2500 lbs, that I need to move through gravel. Tongue weight is roughly 125 lbs. Gravel is of the large stone variety, more like quarry stone. Would a PC-1 work?
Powercaster Response
125 pounds of tongue weight really is not that heavy...you might have an issue with traction. You could always try it out and if your not happy I will give you your money back.

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Thumbs upSpecial thanks to Power Movers Inc.

I wanted to express my thanks to Brady Hall at Power Movers Inc. for the great deal on my new trailer dollie. I did allot of research and calling around before I bought. When I found out they were in LA and San Clemente it was a quick trip up. I bought the AC6 and when I got home it took less then 5 minutes to have it fully working. It is like "where have you been my whole life" type of thing. I swear its the best thing since sliced bread. Im going to pull the sled out again today just to play around. Thanks again!!!!
Jeff aka Nashvillebound


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