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Others only sell what they have.  We custom build what you need, usually at no additional cost. 


60 Day money back guarantee.  If you don't get one, what does that say about the product and manufacturer .

5 year warranty.   Lifetime to original owner on Frame/Wheels  Easiest to use & safest  performance

  Most powerful
  Least expensive
  Largest selection.  Most are custom built.

  We ship to just about anywhere.

If a dolly manufacturer has a guarantee, what about transportation?  Make certain the dolly you chose will work.  Otherwise, you might be out all expenses.

Dozens of AC dollies and attachments to meet your requirements.

Since 85% to 93% of your trailer's weight is typically centered over its axles, dolly  traction is of key importance.  That is why we utilize 4 ply diamond stud tires and use more of them than anyone else.  The more tires you have, the more traction you attain.  Turning is easy, because our handles are longer giving more leverage.  And since our dollies attach further underneath the trailers more weight is put onto the dolly giving more critical traction.  Our AC dollies operate in forward and reverse and are powered by Fasco Motors (Made in the USA and best in their class).   Our 1/4 horse power motor can push a 4,250 pound trailer up a short 8% grade (an 8 foot rise in 100 feet of run).  Our 1/2 horse motor can push double that.  All new AC dollies come with a 100 foot cord and a place on the machine to keep it. 

When you can use a Hitch ball. 


AC12 shown above.

     Note:  With a wide body dolly (27 inches),  you can use a ball on flat surfaces only.  Extending the wheelbase of an AC8 or DC9 costs an additional $40.

Hitch balls are made to work with tow vehicles which are heavy and have wide wheel bases.  They are made to rotate in all directions.  Therefore, a large trailer can tip a lighter dolly over on a grade or typical driveway.  Also, when using a ball, weight will transfer from the drive wheels to the non-powered tote-wheels or casters, causing a loss of traction and consequent failure. 

Don't damage your lift jack
by using it as a means of attaching your trailer to your trailer dolly.  Our dollies can be used in this manner (trailers weighing less than 2,000 pounds), but your lift jack is made for lifting, not lateral stress.  Our adapters, couplers, and arms/receivers are used to connect your trailer to the dolly and can be custom fit to raise or lower your tongue to whatever height you choose.
Bolt on Coupler
Arm & Receiver
Model AC1



This single wheel electric trailer dolly is priced at $879 and includes a coupler (pictured left).  The coupler bolts to your trailer frame. (no drilling) necessary.  The dolly utilizes a 1/4 horse a/c motor.
Out of 537 dollies sold in 2003, 4 were single wheel dollies of which 3 had to be replaced with 3 wheel dollies because of a lack of traction and stability.  Local customers are welcome to try them but in general, single wheel dollies have severe limitations. 

Model AC2

This two wheel dolly priced at $889 is for trailers weighing up to 4,000 pounds, moving on concrete, up a grade.  REMEMBER:  Almost everyone has a grade.  The 1/4 horse can move 13,000 pounds on a level surface without turning which puts the power of other dolly manufacturers into perspective.  The AC2 incorporates a 1/4 horsepower motor and comes with a coupler and electric brake controller.

This easy to use Brake controller uses the same universal electrical coupler you now use on your tow vehicle and utilizes your trailer's 12 volt DC Power not 110 AC.  No cutting or modifying your electrical system either.  

Model AC4 


This dolly is discontinued for conventional use.  "Essentially the motor is too large for a two wheel dolly."  Remember: Traction is the #1 problem with dollies.  However this dolly does have industrial applications.


Extended handle trailer dollies allow the user to place couplers up to 60"  back from the tip of the frame.  These longer handles allow for easier turning and better traction.  The further back you mount a coupler, the more weight you attain, consequently better traction.

Model AC5




Our most popular model

AC5's work well on  trailers weighing between 4,000  & 4,500 pounds and with lighter trailers on grades up to 12 percent.  This 3 wheel dolly is priced at $899 and includes coupler and electric brake controller.  This trailer dolly incorporates a 1/4 horse a/c motor.  

 Model AC6

This 3 wheel dolly is priced at $1,169 and includes either coupler and electric brake controller. This trailer dolly comes with a 1/2 horse a/c motor and is good for trailers weighing between 4,500 and 6,500 pounds.  Remember:  Our dollies rotate under the trailer.  Hence you are not standing further in front of your trailer when using it.

AC7 and AC8

Extended Handle AC8


AC7:  This 4 wheel dolly is made to push trailers on soft surfaces such as dirt and grass and has a 1/4 horse power motor. It is priced at $999.   Includes coupler and electric  brake controller.

AC8:  Again, 4 wheels but a 1/2 horse power motor. Includes coupler and electric brake controller. $1,229.  The extended handle allows for better traction.  AC8's come with a 100 foot, 14 gauge electrical cord and Number 60 chain.   If you choose a 12 gauge cord, add an additional $35.

Model AC10




This 5 wheel, 1/2 horse dolly runs $1,279.  The five wheels allow for better traction and can handle more tongue weight.  AC10's come with a 100 foot, 14 gauge electrical cord and #60 chain, if needed. 


AC12 (The Grabber): This 6 wheel, 1/2 horse dolly is made to push trailers on soft surfaces such as dirt and grass. It is priced at $1299.  Works well on grades up to 12 percent,. Includes coupler and electric brake.  All AC12's come with a 100 foot, 14 gauge electrical cord and #60 chain.




Shipping rates vary.  You are welcome to chose your own carrier.   You can save 3 percent by not using a credit card.
Local customers are welcome to ask about our rental program. If you bring your trailer down, we'll give you a demonstration and even weld on a coupler at no extra charge, if needed.
Each Powermover has a limited five year parts and labor guarantee. If not altered or damaged, we will repair or replace any new Powermover free of charge for five years from the date of purchase.  12 months for industrial use.   Simply return your Powermover to our facility, and we will repair or replace it free of Charge. Life Time guarantee to the original customer on the Wheels/Sprockets/Bearings/Axles.  

For our 60 money back guarantee, return your Powermover, postage paid to our facility, and we will give your money back, minus shipping.

All dollies should be stored inside.  


I thought you might like to know:


The dolly I ordered from you arrived on August 12.  After I assembled it, I was able to move my camper across the lawn and slip it into the parking area next to my house.  I used to do this with my van, but my neighbor put up a new fence which made the space too narrow for me to get the camper in without the precise control your dolly gives. 


I am very impressed with the quality of this product and the obvious attention that went into the details of the design.  As you said, it certainly looks like it will last way longer than I will.


I am very happy with this dolly, and feel I made the right choice of a modified AC-5 (bigger handle and bigger caster wheels).  I believe your advice to get the larger handle from the AC-10 was very good.  I am very glad I got the three-wheeled model rather than the larger four-wheeled one, which I believe would have been harder to hook-up, harder to steer, and harder to make room for in the garage.


This dolly works GREAT in the garage and driveway.  


However, I would like to make a couple of comments that might be of help to you in the future with regard to using it on Florida's St. Augustine grass. 


First, this grass is REALLY soft, at least in my yard.  The AC-5 is just barely able to cope.  I did move my 3000 pound, two-wheeled camper across it, but it required some pushing while my wife steered.  On future moves I expect to make this a lot easier by rolling one camper wheel along a path of plywood sheets. 


Second, the six-inch caster wheels are essential in this grass.  I think that modification was my suggestion.  I am not sure if you had realized how important this is.


Third, a minor nit, the larger caster wheels require a spacer to get them away from the bolt heads of the folding handle.  I used a couple of washers on each wheel, but I am sure you would have included them if you had been aware of the problem.


Thank you very much for your help in finally getting my camper parked where it belongs.  It is reassuring to know that I now have a reliable, low-stress way to move the camper in and out of its parking space. 


George A. McClain


Brady, just a short note to let you know that the dolly works great.  I am a satisfied customer. To me, well worth the money.  Just one question. There are two non threaded pins next to the attachment bolts where the dolly handle attaches to the motor frame. Is each bolt suppose to have a hole in it for a cotter (sp) pin? The smooth bolts have a tendency to slide out when the handle is in use. Not really a big problem, just thought I'd ask. The dolly had no problem moving the trailer. The braking system (wire et al), works great as well. It was even great to just let the dolly move the trailer while I walked next to it ( the trailer) to make sure it was going where I wanted it to. The pace of the dolly is perfect. Not to fast and not to slow. By the way, the freight company is only twenty minutes from door to door. Boxes were intacted. Thanks again Brady. Nick.

I mounted a battery and everything is working.  Had to cut 3/4 inch plywood staggered to let one wheel come up before the other to get over the lip in the garage, and then use your plates.  Had to pull my carpet also, but once it was in I put the carpet back down.  The brakes work very well.  Bought some tire chalks for safety.
Your Power mover works just like you said.  Great piece of equipment.
Thanks for your tutoring,
Dave Noble
CEO Software Controllers Inc
Raymore, Mo.

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 10:28 AM, bradyhall <brady.hall@cox.net> wrote:
I'll call you today


Michael Blevins
I recieved the shipment and got everything hooked up.  It seems to work fine.  I am glad to finally get my boat into the garage.
Thanks so much for a great product.
Let me know if I can do anything for you.

    Last year I bought a dolly from you the AC8, By far one of the Best products I invested in. Your Product has saved a lot of pain for me.
Here is my Issue, The last time I used it while moving my trailer the harness for the Motor got hooked on the trailer stand as I was turning. By the time I relieved it, The cable ripped out of the control Box. Can you send me the schematics of how it is wired so that I can get it working again.
Thomas H. Elias


 I wanted to let you know the dolly arrived last Monday and we took delivery on Tuesday afternoon.  The boxes were a little beaten, but the dolly was just fine and all the parts were there.   It took me about an hour to assemble, put the coupler on the trailer, and get rid of the cardboard; the dolly works like a champ!  I did re-adjust the motor slightly since the chain sprocket on the motor shaft was slightly misaligned with the chain; it worked fine going forward but I could see it binding slightly in reverse and the sprocket looked slightly off center.  The chain also seemed too taught, so I loosened it slightly at the same time….it reminded me of the days when I built my own motor scooter with chain drive and a centrifugal clutch with a small sprocket.Naturally, I had to try it out right away and it works very well indeed.  It’s built like a tank but very easy to handle and being able to hook up to the trailer brakes is a distinct plus.  Thanks for suggesting the extender for the handle; that was the right thing to do as well   The dolly does everything you said it would and we’re very pleased.  Once I got used to it, which took hardly any time, I was able to engage the coupler with little effort, by using the trailer screw jack to change the tongue elevation.

 I also wanted to say “thanks” for all your help regarding trailer dollies in general; you were a wealth of information!

 Bruce Browning

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