DC Trailer Dollies (Battery powered)

   . DC Dollies (Battery)
There is an unconditional written 60 day money back guarantee.  If you don't get one, should you really buy?  We have the longest warranty in the business:  5 Years to the typical home user, lifetime to the original owner on wheels/sprockets/frame.
Our dollies are the easiest to use.  If you have electric brakes, our dollies come with an electric brake actuator
Our dollies are the most powerful and can be geared to accommodate your requirements.  Over the life of the dolly this can't be under estimated.                             Batteries not included.
Be careful choosing a dolly.  If it does not work, who is out the transportation?  We'll be completely honest in determining, if a dolly will work under the conditions you describe.  Dollies don't work for about 25 to 30% of those who call.  Remember, a dolly has only a fraction of the wheelbase and weight of your trailer, therefore its coupling position and amount of tires needed are of utmost importance.

 In general:  DC dollies are not as safe on inclines as AC dollies, especially, if your trailer does not have electric brakes.  DC motors free spin on inclines.   A larger trailer can carry it away, if momentum builds.

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Hi Brady

Thats machine is amazing...better than what I could expect...good work! You can even compare it with the Parkit...With 24 volts...seems to jump a bit sometimes....but amazing power..and speed...have to make sure batteriy tops don’t hit the top of trailer...cheers  peter Hardi director

 The Roadsafe Company Pty Ltd

Model DC1

Battery operated. Priced at $789

Can handle a trailer with an overall weight of 1,700 pounds and a tongue weight of 250 pounds.  DC gear motor output speed is 12 RPM which moves your trailer at 7 feet per minute. 

Model DC2


Priced at $889.00

This 12/24 volt, two wheel trailer dolly can handle a tongue weight of 880 pounds and push 4,500 pounds up an incline. Comes with a Coupler or Arm/Receiver and Electric Brake.   Speed is 14 feet per minute.

 MODEL DC3 uses the same motor but has 3 Wheels  $899  Model DC4 uses the same motor but has 4 Wheels $999

Model DC5

Priced at $1069

This 12/24 volt, two wheel trailer dolly can handle a tongue weight of 1,000 pounds and push 3,500 pounds up a 5 % incline. Comes with a Coupler or Arm/Receiver and Electric Brake.  Speed is between 60 and 80 feet per minute depending upon load which is fast for parking. 

 MODEL DC6 uses the same motor but has 3 wheels $1099  MODEL DC7 uses the same moor but has 4 Wheels.  $1149

Model DC9 "The Brute"



Most DC dollies now have their batteries mounted next to the motor on the base for better clearance and balance.   This also widens the wheel base and adds additional tires and unfortunately expense.  But they work better.


Model DC11


The DC11 uses the same motor but has 6 Wheels.  $1699.00

Priced at $1,499.00

This 12/24 volt, four  wheel (12" tires) trailer dolly can handle a tongue weight of 1,500 pounds and push 60,000 pounds up an incline. Has a stall torque rating of 4550 Pounds. Comes with a Coupler or Arm/Receiver and Electric Brake   Travels at 60 feet per minute.

Model DC10 uses the same motor but has 5 tires  $1,549.00

                         Model DC11.



Brady, just wanted to update you on my PM that I recently got from you.  Works great, up and down the whole slope and allows easy parking of the boat and movement in and out of the garage.  I'll forward some photos to you.  Ron Backer
Sir I have your AC6 and am very happy with it, I have a new trailor and I need to check the PSI of the tires, what do you inflate them at? Thank You.



I spoke to you last week..


I have a 2.8 ton trailer/boat on dual axles....  I have the parkit 360 and is not working well...

You mentioned one of the AC dollys... Need to swing trailer around from narrow lane into carport...sometimes cars are parked on alley so cant use car....sometimes will have to pull it in or push it with trailer tug/dolly.

Which one do you recommend? How much is it...how much is shipping to Sydney Australia? And what are the dimension of unit...you mentioned its 4x size of park it...whcih can be an issue as space is tight if a car is parked in lane way...


 Kind Regards

Thanks so much, the AC6 model work fantastic with got the boat in the garage with no problem and really fast too, it was so easy to move the boat. I even recomend the use of AC6 model instead of the truck is a lot easier to back it up because you have better control on the move of the boat.
Thanks again for a great product, good luck I know we will recomend the AC6 to all our friends. (The AC6 is next to the boat in the garage)
Elena & Clyde Dalbec
4445 Eucalyptus Ave.
Lakeport, Ca. 95453


Peter Hardi


The AC6 power dolly arrived last week.  I assembled it and used it to put our boat and trailer into our garage this past weekend.  It worked rather well.  The metal post on the dolly appeared to occasionally stick a little bit in the coupler as I made turns, but I imagine some additional grease on the post and coupler should correct that.


Ed Kusner

Wilmington, DE

I have used the Power Mover several times now and it works fantastic.  I am able to easily turn the trailer 90 degrees and park it inside my building with ease.  It turns out that I can position it within about an inch of where I want to.  However, I do have one problem and that is the electrical system.  If I am plugged into a GFI outlet, as soon as the power mover touches the grass the GFI trips.  I am wondering if the neutral and hot might be reversed?  Also, what is the wiring for the motor ro reverse?


I would appreciate any help you can provide.





Director of Concept Engineering



Just got it today, and I finally have both my 29' camping trailer and my 21' boat in my back yard. The side yard between my house and the fence has holly bushes on both sides, so both the boat and camper are a tight fit through it. There was no way I would have ever gotten both of those in the back having them attached to my large pickup truck. Using your dolly it was very easy to do. Can't wait until I use one of them again - it's fun to move them with the dolly!= No virus found in this incoming message.

It works!



November 12,2009
Hi Brady Hall, (PowerMovers) 
A few months ago my dad Fidel from Dinuba, CA purchased an AC8..  We would like to express how grateful we are for the dolly.  We used the dolly to move a 25ft Toy Hauler, 18ft Toy Hauler, 20ft Open Trailer and Steam Cleaner trailer.  All trailers used to be impossible and very difficult to move in and out of the shop.  Tight places are not a problem anymore.  The AC8 has made our lives easier.  Coming home from camping trips will now be a relief.  Unhook from the pick up and let the dolly finish the job.  Once hooked up using the side mount coupler, the dolly requires little effort.   It has great slow and steady speed, great traction and great power.  Its quit amazing to see it in action.  Once again, THANK YOU Brady for this EXCELLENT PRODUCT.  The AC8 PowerMovers Dolly has been a blessing.  It has made the impossible possible.
Fidel and Patricia Islas
Dinuba, CA 


Success! Trailer is parked in one of the desired positions and no one is hurt. Had to remove one tile from my roof to make it fit. I will be able to park it completely back off the driveway when the area is cleared out, machine control and angles appear to allow for it. Wow.

Overall, good solid engineering, manufacturing and construction. I am happy with this machine and do not think I could keep the trailer at home without it. It will pay for itself in less then one year. Thank you for your time and expertise!  David Trailer

Hello Brady,

You'll be happy to know that the unit worked perfectly on the incline...pushed it right up without any problem whatsoever....very easy to use....



The dolly works perfectly. I'm pleased at the power and maneuverability.
 Please give me the total price and address to send the check.
Wes Philp



Thank you, thank you for taking the time to work with us and share your experience to configure our dolly.

We set it up in less than an hour.  We used it to move our trailer into the storage shed.  It worked perfectly.

We love it.

Thanks again!! Frank & Chris Sutton

I appreciate your offer but good news.....I was able to use some plywood on the rocks today and get the boat back on the side of the house.  Dolly works awesome.  Today was the first time my girlfriend saw it in action and she was amazed at how well it worked.  Thanks again.

Hi Brady - - a quick note to say thank you for the AC6 you sent my way. It is a damn fine piece of equipment. Sorry I’ve been slow to acknowledge receipt nearly 3-4 weeks ago, but I blew my back out (disk) and have been on the “injured reserve” list ever since. I hope to get to use the dolly this weekend for the first time.

 I hope you and your family are well - - thanks again Brady.

 Best Regards,



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